Available services here in aCienLeguas


The meals are served at:

  • Lunch -> 12-15 PM.
  • Dinner -> 18-21  PM.
  • Price 11€


We have self-service, coin-operated washing machine and dryer. 

  • Washing in 40 mins -> 4€
  • Fully dry in 40 mins -> 3€


If you are hungry off the meals’ times you can have a coffee, snack, or a piece of our home-made “empanada” in the bar. The bar closes at 10PM.

Do you need help to make a reservation in next town?

We help our customers who can’t understand Spanish very well to make reservations in their next stop of the Camino  


Do you need to get to your next stop? We can get in touch with a local taxi for you

Backpack transport

We work with all the baggage transport companies..