The Origin of Castrojeriz is uncertain. It is documented for the first time in the Albeldense Chronicle. In this chronicle it is named as Castrum Sigerici, although in later documents the name evolves to Castro Xeriz, Castro Sorit, Castro Surit or Castra Sorecia -in the 12th Century Codex Ccalixtinus, a guide for pilgrims.

What is certain, is that Castrojeriz has its origin at the top of the hill, on which the castle stands and which receives the name of Castro. The ceramics appeared on the surface and excavations at the top of the hill, show that there was a village in the bronze age, which dates about 1,500 years BC.

Every year, thousands of pilgrims and tourists visit us and take a tour round the streets of this town impregnated with history and art. With a strong welcoming character, Castrojeriz opens to the world as a town that thinks about its future, not forgetting his past and living a present for which its inhabitants work every day.

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Castrojeriz is one of the towns where the visitor can enjoy a higher cultural wealth on the Camino de Santiago